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Wood Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil 1Liter

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Pure Wood Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

No Added Preservatives

1L Pack

Recyclable PET Bottles

Made from pure A-grade Groundnuts hand picked from farms and pressed with Wood-press at a very slow speed to not heat up the oil to retain its perfect taste and Aroma. This will be your perfect cooking oil for your everyday need. Our cooking oils doesn't contain any added ingredients other than pure extracts.


Q1. How do we sell at such low prices?

A1. This is a combination of many cost reduction strategies and geographic advantages

1. LOW COST OF RAW MATERIALS: We are from the land of nuts, sesame, rice and many other millet varieties

Attur, salem is in the midst of extensive farming spaces that yields out all nuts that we use in our products as raw materials like groundnut, coconut and black sesame. Also, we have our own fields where we acquire our best grade raw materials.

2. SANITISED/REUSED PACKAGING : Every day millions of carton boxes are thrown out from consumer products . They not only include tiny boxes from the customer, but also from wholesale and retail store. Every day our city alone gets about 10000 boxes from retail store that are in perfect condition to reuse. we procure them and sanitize them to be used again in our shipping. A normal carton boxes will at its lowest price can be around Rs.25 to 50. Whereas, we acquire our reuse boxes at Rs.10 per kg direct from market wholesaler. Many online brands spend extensively on carton boxes, thereby adding to cost of the end user.

3. TRADITIONAL EXPERTISE: We are in the business of making traditional products for about 20 years now. we try to maximize our outputs through our wisdom acquired from our Grandparents.

Q2. I bought wood pressed oil and I see sediments at the bottom?

A2. Wood pressed oil is direct output from nuts and is filtered once to remove particulate matter from the oil. Therefore the oil is thicker and has colloidal particles that might settle down after sometime. This is a true indication of wood cold pressed oil.

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Customer Reviews

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Suresh Kamath

Genuine cold pressed groundnut oil at a reasonable price without any delivery charges.


Very good quality buying it regularly from them from 2020

Deepak Goel
I have been using for 3 years and its good.

I have been using for 3 years and its good.

Balasubramanian Iyer
Excellent purchase

Wonderful product...very tasty and pure..

Parthasarathi Kubandrababu

Quality ok